Video, Geneviève de Parnier

Les oeufs: Eggs | 05:03
A classic work of de Parnier's "Natures mortes" series, "Les oeufs" relies on careful composition and studied colors for its effect.

Peigne et papier: Comb and paper | 05:28
This video provoked controversy for its evocative setting and subtext. Khalil's soundtrack offers unexpected moments.

Deux ventilateurs: Two fans | 05:32
The first of a trilogy meditating on the tension between motion and rest, "Two fans" embodies potential motion.

L'un bouge, l'autre pas: One moves, the other doesn't | 05:19
The second video in the fan trilogy contrasts perpetual motion and stasis, point three of the B-Ville Manifesto.

Portrait de femme en sphinx: Portrait of a woman as a sphinx | 05:19
One of de Parnier's first video portraits, this is believed to be a representation of her neighbor, writer Miriam Montrémy. A disturbing, transcendent work.

Portrait d'homme en Silene: Portrait of a man as Silene | 05:30
This Silene refuses the movement and gaiety associated with drunkenness, and barely blinks. The image contrasts sharply with Khalil's lively urban soundtrack.
self portrait de parnier
L'ange: The angel | 05:14
A natural evolution from "Portrait de femme en sphinx," L'Ange moved De Parnier's portrait series into a more abstract phase.
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